UTC Zulu Time


The Co-ordinated Universal Time (UTC) is used in the air traffic and communications services and in the documents published by the Aeronautical Information Service (AIS), unless otherwise mentioned. Times between brackets are the times during the summertime period, e.g. 0900-1200 (0800-1100).

The times are given in Zulu time UTC (see also AIS GEN 2.1 paragraph 2). To obtain the local time, 1 hour during the wintertime period and 2 hours during the summertime period (time between brackets) should be added to the times mentioned.

The local time for the Netherlands is the Central European Time: UTC+1 hour. The local time during the summertime period is UTC+2 hours.

The summertime period will commence at the last Sunday of March at 0100 UTC and end at 0100 UTC on the last Sunday of October.


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Sunrise en Sunset in zomertijd en wintertijd (Local Times) Sunrise en Sunset in zomertijd en wintertijd (Local Times)
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