Useful information EHHV


ICAO code

ARP Aerodrome Reference Point


52°11' 30.9" N, 005°08'48.9" E

Radio Hilversum Radio, 131.030 (as of 6 DEC 2018)
AD Administration +31 35 577 1209
Elevation 3 feet / 1 meter
Position 2,2 NM SSW of the city of Hilversum
Grass Runways Due to the RWY condition, airport controllers can give specific instructions to avoid damage to the grass
Grass Cutting May take place at irregular times
Surface condition Possible roughness of the terrain, take caution when taxiing
Maximum AUW Open for all A/C with a maximum All-Up-Weight of 6.000kg. For A/C with AUW above 2.500 kg PPR.
Approaching EHHV Contact Hilversum Radio at 131.025 for aerodrome information as active runway, circuit direction and information about gliders/para's (No QNH, Wind only when relevant)
Approaches Are preferably made from the south/west
Traffic Circuit altitude 700 ft AAL, 703 ft AMSL
Joining and exeting procedures See Visual Approach Charts
RWY TORA and LDA Always check active NOTAMs
Overflying the circuit Not below 1.003 ft AMSL
Gliders Gliders can be expected every day. Glider traffic circuits are on the dead side of the motor powered traffic circuits. Do not overfly the glider circuits.
Glider winch cable Up to 2.300 ft AAL
Para dropping zones At EHHV Airport and south of Westbroek (see VAC's)
Signal Area North East side of the airport, not lighted
Wind Sock North East side of the airport, not lighted
RWY markers RWY: red/white markers
Beginning of all runways are marked with 3 red/white markers.
Runway irrigation Irrigation pipes can can be operated on non active runways
Parking A/C

Parking rows marked by yellow numbers 1-5

Microlight aircraft Consult active NOTAMs for PPR requirements

Schiphol TMA (Class A)

When leaving to the North and West fly strictly below an altitude of 1.500 ft

EH-P25 Kasteel Drakesteijn

When leaving to the East pay strict attention to EHP25: fly a minimum altitude of 2.000 ft.

Transition Altitude

VFR: 3500 ft AMSL (FL055, FL075 etc. to the East, and FL045, FL065 etc. to the West)

IFR: 3000 ft AMSL

Hangar space for visiting aircraft

Very limited available

Repair facilities for visiting aircraft

Major repairs to light aircraft by VSH-Ben Air and by Maintain-a-Plane

Opening hours AD administration

08:00 LT - 20:00 LT (MON-SUN, HOL: 08:00-20:00. (Local times) After 20:00 international flights on PN* before 10:00)

Customs and Immigration

Customs: 1 hr PN. Importation, exportation and transit of cargo is not allowed. Customs: 0700-SS 1 HR PN* (0600-SS 1 HRPN*)

Fire class

Fire class 2 (Fire 3 is 1 HR PPR)


1. Glider flying may take place daily. Launching cable constitutes a dangerous obstacle up to 2300 ft AAL.

2. The glider launching areas must be avoided.

3. Parachute jumping may take place as stated in ENR 5.5 and/or as promulgated by NOTAM.

4. When active the parachute jumping areas must be avoided.

5. Grass cutting may take place at irregular times.

6. Take care while taxiing due to possible roughness of the terrain.


Stichting Vliegveld Hilversum and Stichting Hilversum Fly-In assume no responsibility or liability for any information accessed through this site. The information provided through this site shall not be used in place of an OFFICIAL briefing. Information accessed through this site may be inaccurate and/or outdated. Please cross-check any information against an official source.

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Circuit EHHV RWY25 in een Dynamic WT9
Landing EHHV RWY 36 in een Dynamic WT9
Take off EHHV RWY36 in een Tecnam P2002-JF
Take off EHHV RWY07 in een Cessna 172
Take off EHHV snowy runway 31 in een Cessna 172
Landing EHHV RWY25 in een Scheibe SF25 Falke
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